OJSC «Grodno footwear
factory «Neman»

The Republic of Belarus,
230024, Grodno,
Sovetskih Pogranichnikov
Street, 95


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Tel.:+375 152 393321
Fax: +375 152 393378


The origins of enterprise history apply to the factory of manufacturer Reznikov, the factory itself was placed until September 1939 in the right-bank main part of city Grodno in the three-level brick building. The factory produced handbags, briefcases, notebooks, and the bindery worked. When Western Belarus was reunified with Eastern, the Reznikov’s factory was nationalized and turned into a footwear factory, where women’s and children’s shoes were hand sewed with the release of 100 pairs of shoes a day. After the war, the first and seconds floors of the factory were restored, and the first floor was used as a warehouse of equipment coming to the factory, while the second floor hosted welted-sewing shop, which served as both educational and industrial base for shoemakers. On July 10, 1947 by decision of the Belarus’ government the factory was included into the list of the existed operational enterprises, and has received the official name of "Grodno footwear factory No.1" and in 1949 shoes production was already 416 270 pairs. In 1953, the factory merged a small company, which produced shoes for individual orders - "Grodno footwear factory No.2" and in 1960 shoes production was 1 230 000 pairs.

Every year the factory increased its production and expanded. On the eve of 1962 shoemakers of Grodno got a new building situated on Sovetskih Pogranichnikov Street, 95. The first stream started fancy shoes for men. And from April 1963 the factory was named "Grodno footwear factory "Neman". In 1969 the factory for the first time demonstrates shoes samples at the international exhibition "Shoes-69" in Moscow. In 1971 the factory had produced 7 140 800 pairs of shoes, and the number of employees was 3 849 people. Thus was formed Grodno Industrial Association "Neman". In 1976, the enterprise merged Brest footwear factory with the building situated in Brest, on Dzerzhinsky Street, 41. Brest footwear factory specialized in production of shoes comfortable for the elderly. In 1991, the Grodno footwear factory was reorganized into a collective enterprise. In 1993 the company was reorganized into joint-stock company "Grodnoobuv", and since January 1994 by decision of Grodno Executive Committee the company was reorganized into open joint-stock company, and from April 1997 it returned to its former name of "Grodno footwear factory "Neman".


 TraditionsCompany’s tradition is the production of children’s leather shoes of stitch-sandal-glue attachment method, men’s sandals of board attachment method, and comfortable footwear with increased completeness for men and women - reliable guarantors of buyers’ success.

The factory today

As of today, OJSC "Grodno footwear factory "Neman" is a fusion of business ideas, best ideas and creative imagination, which is reflected in the annual collections "Spring-Summer" and "Autumn-Winter", which has more than 500 models of shoes - sandals and pantalets, walking shoes, moccasins, slippers, boots, half boots, booties, high boots. New collections have been created by a group of professionals who take into account customer requirements when developing models, use new fashion trends in the design, improving shoes quality.

OJSC "Grodno footwear factory "Neman" is one of the largest enterprises of light industry in Belarus, occupying a leading position in the footwear market by owning production technologies among such footwear companies as JV "Marko" Ltd, JV "San Marko" Ltd, OJSC "Krasnyi Oktyabr’", JV "Belwest" Ltd, JSC "Sivelga", etc. Attachment techniques in operation - glue, sandal-glue, stitch-casting, glue-sewing, stitch-glue-sewing, stitch-glue, and board attachment methods - allow producing comfortable, stylish shoes, thus satisfying the most demanding customer.

The enterprise constantly works on improving shoes quality and appearance, which is promoted by usage of modern natural and artificial materials produced in Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey, the introduction of new equipment and new technologies, implementation of personnel policies aimed to attract the most competent professionals and improving professional competence of its own employees.

The factory has successfully mastered the production of special and industrial footwear. Among our customers of special and industrial footwear are such large industrial enterprises as OJSC "Grodno Khimvolokno", OJSC "Grodno meat-packing plant", OJSC "Grodno "Azot", OJSC "Bereza meat-packing plant ", OJSC "Slonim meat-packing plant", etc.

Wide range of footwear allows opening and expanding the company’s trade network. To date, it is represented by departmental stores, shopping centers and warehouses in Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Minsk, and Mogilev regions, as well as wholesale and retail representatives in Russia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Mongolia.

During 65 years of experience the enterprise has contributed greatly to the development of shoes production, producing over 172 000 000 pairs of footwear under trade brand "Neman".

"Neman" - has long been not just a name but traditions, values, a certain style and way of life.

Assortment policy

Footwear «Neman» - a traditional collection of footwear for consumers preferring classic version, appreciating comfort and convenience, relying on traditions.

Men’s footwear «Elefas» - a collection of footwear for men, who are stylish, successful, confident, energetic and motivated, preferring classical and sports areas.

Women’s footwear «Lady N» - a collection of very fashionable and elegant women’s heeled footwear.

Maiden footwear «Assol’» - a collection of fashionable girl’s footwear.

Children’s footwear «Jumbo» - a collection of footwear for children. Developed in accordance with the structural features of children’s feet. Suitable fashions, fashionable and colorful materials have been used for its production.

Children’s textile footwear «Tectonic» - a collection of children’s textile footwear for walking and sports.

Children’s footwear «Little Queen» - a collection of beautiful shoes for little Queen. Fashionable colors, comfortable shoelast, stylish design.

Children’s footwear «Street Boy» - a collection of casual shoes for boys. Stylish design, comfortable shoelast, modern materials.

The main objective of the enterprise OJSC "Grodno footwear factory "Neman"

Production of footwear competitive in both domestic and foreign markets, meeting the requirements of consumers, ensuring quality, comfort and style.

Milestones in the history of the factory:

  • July 10, 1947 by decision of BSSR Government the factory entered the list of operational enterprises and received the official name of "Grodno footwear factory No.1".
  • In 1953 “Grodno footwear factory No.2” joins the enterprise.
  • January 1, 1962 the shoemakers of Grodno got a new building situated on Sovetskih Pogranichnikov Street, 95.
  • In April, 1963 the factory was named «Grodno footwear factory «Neman».
  • In 1976 the enterprise merged “Brest footwear factory” with the building situated in Brest on Dzerzhinsky Street, 41. “Brest footwear factory” specialized in footwear production for the elderly.
  • Since August 1993 the factory began to be called JSC “Grodnoobuv”.
  • January 19, 1994 the enterprise has been reorganized into open joint-stock company.
  • Since April, 1997 the enterprise returned to its previous name – OJSC «Grodno footwear factory «Neman».
  • Since September, 2004 the production of new assortment line of men’s shoes «Elefas».
  • In 2004 the enterprise has expanded the production of comfortable shoes, adding model range of women’s and men’s shoes with increased completeness (8 and 10 completeness).
  • Since 2005 the enterprise specializes in manufacturing of large-sized men’s shoes from 47 to 50 dimensions (sandals, walking shoes, boots, and half boots).
  • December 2005 the enterprise has implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001.
  • Since 2006 the production of special and industrial shoes has been successfully mastered. In the summer of 2007 OJSC «Grodno footwear factory «Neman» celebrated its 60-year anniversary of successful work in the footwear market.
  • Since June, 2009 the production of new assortment line of women’s shoes «Lady N».
  • Since April, 2010 the production of new assortment line of children’s shoes «Jumbo».
  • Since July, 2010 the production of new assortment line of children’s shoes «Tectonic».
  • Since January, 2011 the production of new assortment line of maiden shoes «Assol’».
  • July 10, 2012 OJSC «Grodno footwear factory «Neman» celebrated its 65th anniversary of successful work in the footwear market.
  • Since June, 2014 the enterprise has expanded sizes of children’s pre-school shoes (size 27, size 28), producing new assortment lines of children’s shoes «Little Queen» and «Street Boy».

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