OJSC «Grodno footwear
factory «Neman»

The Republic of Belarus,
230024, Grodno,
Sovetskih Pogranichnikov
Street, 95


Tel.: +375 152 393321
Fax: +375 152 393378
Tel.:+375 152 393321
Fax: +375 152 393378

Investment offer

Project name. Modernisation of the section for stitch molding fastening footwear production.

Industry classification: “Bellegprom” concern.

Full name of the organization: open joint stock company «Grodno footwear factory «NEMAN».

Form of property: nongovernmental.

Registration date: May 15th 2001.

Description of the investment project.

Modernisation of the section for stitch molding fastening footwear production.

Object of the investment project – arrangement of section for stitch molding fastening men’s, women’s and children’s footwear production.

Technical characteristics of the project.

According to the project we need to purchase 13 pieces of the processing equipment, including 1 rotary machine for direct two-layer soles tide mod. D 622/18-E/LDM of “Desma”, Germany, that will introduce new advanced technology in the footwear production, significantly improve quality and appearance of products, will enhance the competitiveness of enterprise in both domestic and foreign markets, to obtain high added value.

Products planned for release.

Planned annual production volume – 280 000 pairs. Profitability of production – 30%.

Name and description of products:

  1. Men’s leather walking low ankle boots, women’s leather shoes, preschool leather low ankle boots. The footwear is intended for everyday use, provides comfort and reliability.
  2. Men’s, women’s and children’s leather winter footwear. The footwear is intended for wearing during winter, guarantees warmth, comfort and reliability.

Investment area.

Availability of production facilities: Grodno, Sovetskih Pogranichnikov Street, 95; area 15037 m2 is the property of the enterprise, product license No. 97 from 01.03.2001.

Raw material supply.

Materials for manufacturing:

  • footwear top – Belarus supplier;
  • footwear bottom – “Bauer”, Germany.

Total project cost.

Total investment cost of the project € 1 100 000. Financing requirement at the expense of investor: € 1 100 000.

Project implementation period: 2014-2016.

Investor participation form.

Direct investments or another form as agreed between the parties.

Brief description of the market.

Supposed trade areas: products delivery to domestic traders, as well as to the CIS countries and far abroad countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Mongolia).

Project condition.

Technological documentations, sample analogues.


Responsible executive manager:

Teresa Zhuk, chief economist – head of the economic department.

Phone number: (+375 152) 52-22-46
Fax: (+375 152) 52-33-71
E-mail: info@neman.biz

Investment offer was composed: 02.12.2013. 



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