OJSC «Grodno footwear
factory «Neman»

The Republic of Belarus,
230024, Grodno,
Sovetskih Pogranichnikov
Street, 95


Tel.: +375 152 393321
Fax: +375 152 393378
Tel.:+375 152 393321
Fax: +375 152 393378

Little Queen and Street Boy

Our dear clients! Informing You - the enterprise has expanded sizes of children’s pre-school shoes (size 27, size 28), producing new assortment lines of children’s shoes «Little Queen» and «Street Boy».

«Little Queen» - a collection of beautiful shoes for little Queen.

«Street Boy» - a collection of casual shoes for boys.

 Comfortable shoelast, modern materials, leather and modern synthetic leather, ensuring quality,
comfort and style for kids.


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